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 Welcome to the world of cable-stayed bridges!

 This site is the replacement of my former site
Cable-Stayed Bridges of Europe - A Pictorial.

Technical information on the site will be at an absolute minimum - the visual presentation of them is paramount.

Pictures/bridges on my older site will, over time, be transferred to this site!

Please send your own pictures to be included on this site! Please note that I shall not accept pictures violating other persons´ or companies´ copyright; the sender/contributor must have taken the picture themselves. The photographer´s name will be published with the picture. Normally, only one or two photos of a bridge per photographer will be published.

The "inside" of this site is divided into three parts, apart from this page:
The Links to the World page is where you, geographically, can find the bridges you wish to look at;
the News page informs about recent updates;
the Contact
page provides ways to communicate with me, with new pictures, comments, etc.

Enjoy yourselves!

Stockholm, Sweden, September 30, 2019
Per Wåhlin

First published on the Internet: December 26, 2012
Latest update: December 30, 2019