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 Welcome to the world of cable-stayed bridges!

 This site is the continuation of my former site Cable-Stayed Bridges of Europe - A Pictorial, at:

  which initially presented only pictures of bridges from Europe. Over  time I received, from various contributors, quite a few pictures of bridges from outside Europe, which were, somewhat obscurely, also presented there.

On this site, all bridges are presented in their own right.

As with my former site, technical information about the bridges will be at an absolute minimum - the visual presentation of them is paramount.

The last update of the former site was made by June 30, 2011. For technical reasons no more updates were made after that date. Those of you who have provided me with pictures after that date will find your pictures on this site.

New pictures of bridges shown on the old site will be published on this site.

Anyone is welcome to send their own pictures to be included on this site! Please note that I shall not accept pictures violating other persons´ or companies´ copyright; the sender/contributor must have taken the picture(s) themselves. The photographer´s name will be published with the picture. Normally, only one or two photos of a bridge per photographer will be published.

The "inside" of this site is divided into three parts, apart from this page: The Links to the World page is where you can choose which country´s bridges you wish to look at; the News page informs about recent updates, and the Contact
page provides ways to communicate with me, hopefully with new pictures, etc.

Enjoy yourselves!

Stockholm, Sweden, December 26, 2012
Per Wåhlin

Latest update: December 31, 2018